Changing parts with sustain pedal - conflict with other pedal

Hi, I’d like to use a sustain pedal to change song parts while keeping my hands on the keyboard. I have 2 keyboards, and if I bind a generic sustain pedal (MIDI 61) on one keyboard, and I assign it as Switch (so it doesn’t change part twice on pedal press and pedal release), the arrangement works fine. However, while I don’t need a Sustain pedal on one keyboard and I can Suppress the midi signal, I do need a sustain on the second keyboard for pianos, and now the second sustain pedal also changes parts, while I only want it to work as a regular sustain pedal. How can I set separate behaviours for the two pedals? Thanks for any hint.

If you bind the Sustain pedal on Keyboard #1 as a Switch, then you should also be able to map the CC# to another value other than MIDI 64. Use something that is rarely touched like CC118, for example, and set that up as the part trigger. Then, when Keyboard #2 sends Sustain, its CC64 messages won’t trigger a part change.

It’s for reasons like this (and many others) that I send each of my keyboards to its own ‘hub’ - a Linked Rack. My hub splits all of the keyboard’s abilities (notes, sustain, controllers, faders, buttons, modulation, pitchbend, etc.) and I can then decide what to do with each. Here’s an example for you:
Device Hub 01.cantabileRack (45.9 KB)


Another approach is to simply have your controllers transmit on different channels. That way you can apply filters to only that channel. You can then rechannelize as required.
In the long run, Elf’s approach is the cleanest and most versatile.

Thanks guys, thanks Elf for the rack. I’m working on all your options.