Changing metronome time signature by trigger not working?

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Hi all, i’m trying to configure an auto change time signature for a sheet of music.

I used triggers to let me change time signature (3/4, 4/4, 5/16 ecc…) but something goes wrong.

Please try the configuration in image and give a feedback of what happen. I start with a 4/4 (time signature n. 2).

It seems after some trigger the time signature get crazy and change itselft in a incomprensive way…

I also used song states to change the time signature but after the corret milliseconds, the “loading” of next state gives to me a little delay and the metronome is not perfect.

Is there an other way to make this goal? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

up… :slight_smile:

Hi Andrea,

It took a minute or two to understand but I think I do. Since you are cascading the triggers the delays are possibly the reason you are seeing troubles, I don’t know for sure but it’s possible that when the delays aren’t exactly timed to the measure lengths at the specific tempo then it would cut them off some point in the measure and start the next one as well simultaneously. Are you wanting the measure to finish before the next time signature begins playing? I don’t think that’s a built in consideration so I will need to defer to @brad to help further on this one.


Hi Dave, thanks for your answer.

I would like play ‘n’ measures of one time signature then change to another time signature and so on.
Imagine a paper with frequent change of time signature. I would like to manage this behaviour using triggers.

The strange thing is that after some trigger “triggered” the change of time signature goes random!



Hi Andrea,

Very interesting side effects for sure!


It is for this reason that i ask if anybody had the same behaviour and if there is another way to achieve this goal.

I hope in somebody :slight_smile:


I tried something similiar but did not work with miliseconds but with the bars counter of the transport.
I’ starting with a 7/8 signature and want to change after 30 bars to 4/4.
The trigger fired already at the 15th bar (so I assume the trigger counts diffrently then the transport itself and this is a bug imho) and after the change the transport will be reset the bar counter to 1… trapped in a loop (the next bug)
This is how my config looks like: