Changing computers with Kontakt

Hi all,

I’ve just started building a ‘song’ for live performance on Cantabile Lite, just one file with all the basic VSTs I need regularly.
So far I only have two instances of Kontakt and one instance of KORG’s Polysix plugin.
I’ve saved this song file to my dropbox to enable access from my desktop or laptop where the same plugins are installed.
I have run into the problem however that Kontakt does not load the preconfigured instruments properly, it displays an empty error message and the instance ends up having no instruments in it. It loads perfectly well on my laptop (where it was created) but not the desktop.
I have tried creating a Pseudo Preset for each instance of Kontakt but get the same error messages when I try to load it on the desktop.
The Polysix plugin loads with its settings perfectly.
Has anyone run into this problem and solved it?


Well… you do have the Kontakt libraries you need installed on the 2nd computer, right? Maybe the patch is somehow configured to look for some kind of absolute path to your sample libraries and not the path where they actually are on the new machine.

Yeah the sample libraries are on both machines.
Hmmm, that’s something to look into, I could probably put them in the same place if I shuffled some things around.
I’m a tad confused though because if I have a Cubase project on my laptop and bring it over to my desktop there’s no problem loading the Kontakt instances.

Try saving the patches (or multis) themselves from Kontakt to a flashdrive and reloading those into the new Kontakt. What error are you getting, or is it just not even trying to load. It does sound weird.

I’ll give that a go next, thanks :slight_smile:
The error doesn’t actually have a code or anything, it just has a red X.

Solved, thanks very much!

Excellent! …