Changes to Hot Key handling

Starting with build 3239 (coming very soon), the way Cantabile deals with hot keys has changed.

In particular it should now handle international keyboards better and many (not all) key definitions are now stored by character rather than virtual key code. eg: instead of “Shift+[” it now stores “{” - well on US keyboards anyway.

Mostly, this should be transparent and most old custom hot keys should be automatically updated to the new format, though you might need to tweak some - I’m sure there are edge cases I’m not aware of. Generally you should be able to just go back into Options | Hot Keys and re-type anything that’s broken.

Under the covers, the biggest difference is how hot keys are saved in the settings file as they’re now stored in a more readable text format. eg: “Ctrl+G” instead of some obscure virtual key code.

Let me know if any problems.


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