Changes to Gain Sliders

In build 3102 I’ve changed the gain sliders to use a logarithmic scale.

Moving the slider should now more closely model human perception of volume. Also, the scale of the level meters and the gain slider now match.

These things can be fiddly to get right though so I’d be interested in feedback.

I checked the new sliders out with a media player using looped pink noise and the scaling to the meters is great now. Also used known Audio tracks to check and all is good there. Did tests with no limiter, though I’m not sure if that would affect the results. And to me it does act more like a volume control I’m used to. (logarithmic)

Hi @dave_dore

Good to hear. I agree, I think it’s better too.


I agree - I haven’t done the same kind of detailed analysis @dave_dore has done, but it certainly feels better, particularly for low levels, and I definitely prefer the metering scale (although at least a 0dB mark on the meters would be nice…).

Thanks Neil,

Until I do something better, the 0db mark on the level meters is the far right hand side. Anything above 0db is indicated by the border lighting up.


Hi @brad, @Neil_Durant, Since the subject came up I’d like to ask a question. Does the 0db mark you speak of mean 0dbfs (Full Scale).? I ask because when I have done recordings I could determine what 0db was on the meter…i.e… 0db = -20db VU or 0db = -18db VU. These types of meters are easier for me to read as far as headroom and gain staging.

Could this be an option? Thanks

That’s good to know, thanks Brad.

Hi Dave.

0db for a gain slider means no change in amplitude ie: signal pass through. For a level meter it means a sample amplitude of 1 (ie max)

Interesting idea to allow adjusting the 0db mark - that’d just be for level meters right? Don’t think it makes sense on the sliders.


Yes @brad, just the meters were what I was referring to. I have a plugin that also allows the choice of meter behavior i.e. peak, vu , rms, peak program but i don’t know if that’s relevant or not.


I’m wondering if it’s possible to program certain aspects between the midi controller and the DAW (Cantabile). Take for example the sliders on the midi controller keyboard. If I had 4 of those sliders mapped to specific rack sliders within Cantabile is it possible to not have the slider within Cantabile change until the midi controller keyboard slider adjusts to the level where the slider within Cantabile is set?

It might be kind of confusing the way I described it. So for example, say I have a slider on a rack within Cantabile saved at a certain level on a session state and a different session state has that slider saved at a different volume level. When I switch from one session state to another session state I don’t want the slider within Cantabile to move until the midi controller keyboard slider reaches the set point of the slider in Cantabile, otherwise there are volume level spikes or dips while it tracks the level. Make sense?

Thanks, Matt

Hi Matt,

This is planned for later - “Jump Prevention” (aka “Take Over” and other names).