Changed sample player from tx16 to Sforzando - how to force Sforzando to load all samples in 1 song?

Sort of a newbie question, but I hadn’t run into this before. I know that pre loading the set list should take care of all that, but i’m still sorting through some issues I had with odd behavior, and want it to load just all the samples for one song. I have 3 different sfz files (Sforzando converts sf2 to sfz) in 1 song, and i’m getting a delay of about 2-3 seconds. The state behavior for the plugin has everything selected, including entire bank.

Also, has anyone else had issues with TX16, or can you suggest an alternative? The main reason I was using it was that it had an ADSR envelope, but it’s been buggy, sometimes challenging to use, and it wasn’t saving my patches correctly. Plus I suspect it’s caused some crashing of C3 when programming complex songs. I’ve used sofrzando in the past and it seems ok, pretty stable, and pretty basic. Wish it had ADSR. But for the most part I’m using it with sf2 and sfz files, so it works, sort of.

Many thanks for any ideas!

I used tx also because it was the only decent solution for sfz. But i think i will use falcon from now on. It’s not cheap but very powerful.
For single shot samples i use an old Battery 3.

I’m guessing you don’t have Kontakt??

Do I understand you correctly: you have one instance of sforzando in a song and you use three different sfz files in this song?

In this case, pre-loading will not help you, since on a state change sforzando will need to release the old sample set and load the new one - that’s what causes the delay.

The way around this is to use multiple instances of sforzando in your song and load a different sample set in each. This way, all instances are ready-to-rock from the beginning - you only change your routing per song state to target the different instances.

BTW: sforzando definitely does have ADSR - but that requires you to get inside the sfz files (you’ll need to learn about their structure.

Look at this simple sfz program:

The ampeg_attack / ampeg release commands set the attack and release time - pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but of course depends on the complexity of the sample set.



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I do have Kontakt 4 player, I use it for some purchased kontakt-specific instruments, but from what I’ve read it’s not great at sfz files. Haven’t tried it for sfz though, I’ll give it another look. Thanks!

I don’t think the Player will work, have to have full version.

Thanks, Torsten, I was thinking about mulitple instances too, but I’m trying to keep cpu load down (as always!). Haven’t looked at the load for sforzando but maybe it’s fairly small, so that could be the answer. And thanks for that tip on editing attack/release… I’ll have a look at that, and I should probably spend some time on learning to edit them.

I remember the old Cakewalk SFZ and SFZ+ player… IIRC it handled multi’s quite well. I wish they made SFZ+ in 64 bit.

The overhead of an inactive sforzando instance is pretty neglegible, whereas the loading time for a new sampleset is not, so don’t be afraid of multiple sforzando instances. The only important consideration is the memory footprint of loading all samples in parallel.



Thanks Torsten, that makes sense. I also came across this one,, looks pretty simple and has ADSR built-in to the GUI. But I think I’ll stick to sforzando for now. Thanks!

BTW I’ve been using up to 3 instances of sforzando for a coupel weeks now and it’s working fine. Much faster to use than TX16, light load, and I’ve edited a couple of simple sfz files… much easier than I’d thought. Thanks again.