Change vst preset with binding


I would like to change VST preset with midi controls to be able to change sounds without mouse.
I realized some binding (preset > midi learn) but the only way I found is to go ip/down the list , preset after preset .
As a result , it can be very slow to change preset if we have many for these VST. (and it’s not a good solution for computer preformances)
Is there another solution to realize that ?


Hi Oliver

If I understand correctly what you want, many of us use foot switches. You can also bind your sustain pedal to make switches. You can also bind certain keys on a keyboard to make a change.




I was asking about binding & preset
at the moment when we right-clic on PRESET listbox for a specific plugin we can choose following bindings:

  • indexed

I didn’t find any way to assign one binding per vst preset ( for instance on controller for preset 1 , another for preset 2, etc)
So if I want to switch from preset 1 to preset 16 without mouse/touchpad I have to go through the 15 preset listed between 1 and 16 … It would be great if it was possible to select preset 16 directly


Can’t you just use the “Select specific preset” binding target? It’s not in the “learn” dialog when you right-click on the plugin’s preset drop-down - you need to go to the bindings tab and add a binding there.



Yes by this method it works