Change volume of MediaPlayer if sustain pedal is pressed

I have 4 different WAV file ‘samples’. I’ve used bindings, so that when I play the relevant “Note”, it triggers the MediaPlayer.
I would like to be able to trigger these 4 samples at standard volume, but also at a lower volume (gain?). I was thinking that using the sustain pedal would be a nice way to do this i.e. if I press the key to trigger the MediaPlayer, it plays at normal level, but if the sustain pedal is down, then play it at quieter level. Basically a soft pedal for MediaPlayers.

Is this possible in Cantabile? (or any other approach to achieve the same? I’m not wedded to using MediaPlayers if that’s not the right tool in Cantabile). I recently got a Solo license.

Hi Chris and Welcome to the Forum!

Yes, it is.

I am not sure what the full capability for Solo is as far as bindings types go but I think it should have these binding elements I show in the picture. I use Performer and used it to create this binding.

I hope it helps,



Hi Dave - thanks so much for the advice. I’m only just checking it now (I ought to practice more…).

I actually have 4 bindings already, going to 4 different media players. And I want the pedal to update them all. So I instead chose a “Target” of “Master Levels” and changed “Output Gain” - this obviously ‘dampens’ my entire output, which is what I want.

Thank you so much!

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