Change time in a measure and when the song status changes

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A simple question for the experts!

I’m currently changing the tempo of the song at measure 34.

But I would also like to be able to change it when the state of the song changes, that is, when it is in the “Estribillo Final” state I want to make a binding that changes the tempo.

How do I do it?
Thank you

You can use this binding for that but care must be taken that the binding is only enabled on the state where you want it to fire.

State(s) before the tempo change binding is disabled

In the last state the binding is enabled and changes the tempo on the state change

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You can actually do that without a binding - simply set state behavior of the metronome tempo


To get to see the Metronome’s state behavior, you need to click the tempo slider or signature selector in the metronome area - makes the metronome the “active element” for state behavior.

Now every song state can have its own tempo and/or time signature. Best do an “Update All States” via right-click on Tempo with the default tempo to be sure all states are pre-set to the default tempo. Then set the tempo for those song parts that are different from the default.

Saves you creating and maintaining an explicit binding…



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