Change State Using Button

Did some digging but didn’t see how I could use a Button to change to a specific state. Saw Prev/Next etc… but need several buttons to switch to several states.

Not the most savvy user and know there are some super users out there so figured I’d check.


You mean like this?

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think this is it, but I may not be understanding what you’re describing.

I was referring to a button you can define in the Cantabile Controller Bar. I’d like 8 buttons each switching to a different state.

Aah, OK - you didn’t mention the ControllerBar in your initial post, so I assumed you meant a button on your MIDI controller.

But you can do exactly that in the ControllerBar - define a button that sends a MIDI CC

The ControllerBar will send to the MIDI port “Onscreen Keyboard”, so you’ll need to create your binding with the input port “Onscreen Keyboard” and assign CC values to each button that are corresponds to the ones in the “Event” column of the individual bindings.

Should work nicely!




Thank you Torsten! Worked perfectly.