Change state sync. to the beat

Is it possible to change a state or anything else in time to the Midi bpm?

Example…Like an Arranger Keyboard …you press Fill and it is exactly in Time to the Beat…

To Masterbeat …or half…or quarter??

It would be nice to have a Function like ‘Next State (delayed)’ but with
the Start in Time to next Masterbeat.

…maybe for lighteffects or to start an arrpegiator sync. (or both at same Time)

…like a quantize funktion ??


Cantabile 2 had trigger on next beat/bar.


No Idea ? …my Problem : I dont’t understand sense of 'next state (delayed)'
if the start point is not fixed to anything (i mean …the Beat)

Can anyone give me an example to use this feature?


The only way to do it in Cantabile 3 (AFAIK) is to use precomposed MIDI track (played via Cantabile player) with MIDI message sent to any controlled rack. No way for “live” use (ad lib I mean :-).
Another way is to use another sequencer (such as Ableton Live) midi clocked with Cantabile.

kind regards, Alexander

Hi Juergen,

In the case of Songs this feature was for when you have a set list you want to switch between songs without the instant change (this way you only load a song when you stop forward or backward through the list) .

In the case of states it delays loading of patch’s or samples of other states when stepping forward or backward through the list before loading and un-muting the state.

This can also be used when picking states or songs at random in case you pick the wrong state or song you could quickly correct the choice before the delay finished and choose a different state or song.


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The idea is that if you are stepping through states, or songs for that matter, you don’t want to be held up by each state/part trying to instantly instantiate itself. Having the delay means you can move up and down the list freely, knowing that you have a couple of breaths before the commands are issued and lock in. In C2 you could specify the length of the delay. That’s always been my primary use of this facility.

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Thanks for this Info… I thouht to myself that this is the only way. (Mediaplayer/Midifile)

…i am sad that this is the only way :sob::sob::disappointed_relieved:

…maybe in the next build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep, these kind of operations were omitted from v3 as a way to reset the overly complicated options in v2 until the actual real needs were established. Unfortunately I’ve never made any further progress in this area but plan to as part of Live Loop Control and some other work in this area. No time frame yet unfortunately.

:sob::sob::sob::sob:…Ok …but no Problem :wink:

…because the Yamaha Montage ist getting a new firmware
that solves my Problem with
Arpeggios in Time to Audioinput ( Yipieh )

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Wondering if anyone has developed a good strategy around changing state on the downbeat? Glad to find this old question, but … it’s an old question! I was hoping to do just what @Juergen was describing: hit state change a bit early to fight load time, and have it fire right on the next xx.1.000 . I never need stress the guitar player’s sudden bolt of improvisational genius again.

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For me it was all too much tinkering…
That’s why I bought a Yamaha Genos… for me the best workflow

My lightsoftware i trigger with ccStepper so the lights are always in sync to the downbeat.

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+1 @Juergen

Yes, the thing would be to have the delay time (ms) for bindings and triggering converted also to relative musical measuring. (Bars/Beats/Quantize)
For instance “when I hit this controller wait next beat (or 4 bars) to trigger this”.
We already have the TRANSPORT triggers but it seems to be an absolute reference to transport position and cannot be conditioned by another source like a midi controller, so not applicable for this purpose.
Please @brad reimplement this Cantabile 2 thing!:slight_smile:


It was an excellent function