Change state (song part) at a specific measure of a midi played in mediaplayer

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I have a song with 4 states and what I want is that while a midi is playing in mediaplayer, the states automatically change at certain bars, for example.

-When starting the midi it must be in state 1.
-When the midi reaches measure 24 then switch to state 2.
-When the midi reaches bar 58 then switch to state 3.

Is this possible? I’ve been trying for a while but I can’t.

Thanks in advance

Hi Phillip,

These bindings should do it …



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Hi Dore!

This works fine.

But what I really want is to bind the beats of the metronome above with the beats of the midi track.

That is, if I put bar 76 on the midi track (Click in View/Timeline options), I want the metronome above to put it too.
This way, both the metronome beats and the midi track beats would be in sync.

I don’t know if that can be done.

Thank you

Hi Phillip,

If I understand correctly I think that the Media player with the MIDI file has to be the Transport Master. To set that up :

Right click on the media player and set sync mode to Master

make sure to clear the state behaviors boxes for the media player


use the same bindings as in my previous post. I hope this is what you wanted to do …


Hi Dore.

Now its works perefect!

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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