Change song by pressing button on master keyboard


I just bought a new master keyboard (maudio mk3) and I want to use the arrow buttons to switch to the next song and back to the previous song.

How can I program these buttons so that when pressing them the song is changed into cantabile?

Thanks a lot!

1st of all…what version Cantabile are you using? You can use a binding to achieve what you want.
Check here:
Bindings - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians

I use a footswitch to change songs and states within songs. You would have to check (in C3 midi monitor)what cc number your button transmits, and attach it to “next song” in bindings. I personally put my binding in the background rack, so I won’t have to recreate the same in every song.

In the above example, I used a pad on my keyboard (which transmitted on Ch10, note 38-D2), and changed to the next song in the songlist by touching the pad.



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Hi Corky.

First of all, thank you very much for responding.
I currently have the latest version of cantabile performer, 3.0 Build 3675 (x64)

I have managed to change the song as you indicate, but with the keyboard keys and the pitch, modulation and volume wheels.

However, with the other buttons that the keyboard brings, I have not managed to do anything.

I have tried from the midi monitor but those buttons do not detect them.

Testing in my old program “brainspawn forte” I have seen that it does detect them (in blue the normal keys and in red the buttons that I indicate), but not in cantabile. Any ideas?


Greetings and thank you

Déjame ver si puedo ayudarte:

Make sure your Keyboard is selected on the song page.

Select Midi Monitor from the “view” drop down.

Press the button you want to use, and the midi number it transmits will be on the screen.

Once you discover the midi number, you can then construct a binding, I pictured earlier.

Then, you can tell me the number, and I will show the binding to use.

Espero que esto ayude. Mi español ya casi no se usa, así que disculpen mis errores.



Hi Corky.

Indeed, this is how I have done it, but when I enter Midi Monitor and press the buttons that I have mentioned, nothing appears.

However, if I press the white and black keys, the volume fader or the pitch and modulation wheels, it does show me the midi number.

It’s weird because as I show you in the photo, in the brainspawn program it works.

I have no idea why it could be.


Dave is right. Also set your channel to “omni” just in case it transmits on a particular channel…I doubt it, but you never know.

Maybe those buttons are not related to midi cc.
I have the same problem with my komplete kontrol mk2.
Well, I 'm not sure… that’s just a guess.

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Have you noticed in your Brainspawn screenshot that the buttons marked in red communicate on a different MIDI port (MIDIIN2)?

If you want to use these buttons in Cantabile, you’ll have to create a virtual MIDI port in Cantabile that is connected to this “physical” MIDI port - use a separate Cantabile port so the notes from the buttons don’t get in the way of your playing :wink: ). Now you can use this new MIDI port as a binding source and you should be OK.




Brilliant as always!

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Good eye!

Deadeye Torsten

Perfect, with the @Torsten instructions I have already managed to detect the buttons and be able to make a binding as @Corky said

I keep learning, thank you all very much !!