Change Preset Plugin with Midi Program Changes

Dear all,

I need to change Plugin Snapshot unsing program change.
According with the manual, I set the “on receivign a Midi Program Change” to “Switch Preset”, but it seems not work for me. The midi program changes arrived to plugin midi input (you can see them in the monitor), but seem like they will pass to plugin instead change preset.
What could be the problem?


Hi Claudio,

The “Switch Preset” is referring to the Plugin Snapshots List not your VST’s presets. So you need to populate the the snapshot presets with the your favorites from the VST’s list.

I hope this is what you meant.



Hi Dave,
yes I have some Plugin Snapshots, but I cannot change them with Program Changes…


The midi program change arrives at Vst input (I can see it midi in monitor), but Cantabile doesn’t change the snapshot.

Sorry Claudio I didn’t see that. I will see if I can figure out what’s up. It might be the Banked changes. I noticed the MIDI monitor was displaying 127.1 etc. Can that be set to bank 0 or send just PG changes without the bank messages?

I checked and it is the Banked PG messages. You must send 0.1, 0.2 etc …

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Thanks Dave_Dore,
I change Midi Tester to PoketMidi and the Cantabile Plugin Snapshots now changed correctly.
Now I will try to debug my script to to understand where is the error.
Thanks a lot for your support!

Edit: I just sent Midi Program Change with a Mobus Script using syntax MidiOut program 0 2, I don’t know why but they appair as “banked”, after changed channel (using 2 instead 1) MidiOut program 1 2 works correctly without issue!
Thanks a lot for your help!

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