Change of Rack State is Marking a Song as Edited


Hi, all

I have a Song with my Linked rack for my Hammond in it, and in that song I need to change the Rack state a few times to change the sound.

All the rack states are locked.

Unless I have the Song option “Mark as Modified” st to “Never”, then changing rack states (usually from a binding from another rack I have setup to convert Montage Scene CC to program changes) will mark the song as edited. I have one through the other permutations, thinking the “on any change except via bindings” would stop the song as being marked as edited, but it still gets marked.

I currently have the option set to “never”, but that does make me nervous if I do deliberately edit the song and forget to save it.

So, am I missing a way to set the song/rack up, so I can change rack states when playing but not have the song marked as edited?


Need to see the inside of the rack for starters


Hi, Dave

What views of the rack would you want, or is there anything specific to check?

I’ve shut down early tonight as it’s the good lady’s Birthday (and I’ve been on Thai cooking duty!), so I’ll post what I can tomorrow.

It’s not a biggie, but I’d like to stop the song from being marked as edited if I can unless I have actually edited something (which is why I’d prefer not to use the “Never” setting).


Hey Derek,

After your reply and some thinking about it, it sounds like the rack state behavior for one or more racks is set at the song level. That would be one explanation for the issue. Is that the case?



Also, in the Rack Files -> Rack Options, there are several options about when to mark the Rack as changed. I suspect one of those settings is a-kilter.



If you’re manually changing the selected rack state it will mark the song as modified - that’s by design.

If you’re definitely changing it via a binding it shouldn’t mark the song modified if you’ve selected “on any change except via bindings”. If you can send me a simple example that demonstrates this happening I’ll take a look at it.



Hi Brad

Here you go. I have stripped out as much as possible, removing all unnecessary items. I also converted the linked rack to an embedded rack, and no difference. Even with this really stripped down version, and with the song option set “on any change except bindings” it still gets marked as modified.

The bindings are usually coming from a rack that converts a Yamaha Montage Scene Button CC to Program Changes (so MIDI Scene CC / 8 -> Program Change filter), and the bindings convert those PCs to Rack state changes which change the presents in the VSTs in the rack. In this example file, I have just bound them to the PC keyboard CTL+1, CTL+2 and CTL+3. Press those key combinations and you’ll see the bindings change the rack state, and the song get marked as modified.

Cantabile build is 3615

Song Modified Test.cantabileSong (54.0 KB)

And just for reference, here is the original song file - the Mighty Pink Floyd Echoes!

Echoes Part 1.cantabileSong (99.2 KB)

PS: Dave the control you highlighted made no difference.


Thanks @Derek I’ll check it out.



Hi, Brad

Any thoughts on this one? No rush with everything else going on (both here and in Cantabile land!), but curious to know if I am doing something wrong or if it is a bug?


Hi @Derek,

It’s on my list with a slept reminder to revisit next week.



Thanks, Brad. :slight_smile:


Hi, @Brad,

With all the other release activity going on, any news on this one? :slight_smile:


Hi Derek,

It’s on my list but keeps getting nudged for other things. I’ll keep it as a priority for Monday morning.



Hi, Brad. Thanks. Not a pressing issue, but just curious. :slight_smile:


Hi Derek,

Took a look at this, found the issue, and fixed for the next build. Thanks for reporting and persistent follow up :slight_smile:



Hi, Brad

That’s great news. Thanks for putting up with my gentle nags! :slight_smile: