Change media player tempo for an audio file?

Help me out guys, maybe I’m doing it wrong,
But can I change the tempo (without pitch) of a media player audio file?

I read in the manual that you can give in the tempo and you can uncheck the pitch also.

I tried tweaking with the master/slave modes but I guess that’s only related to midi files?

## Synchronization of Media Players with Master Transport

Media files can be synchronized to the master transport - which might be another media player, the metronome or the external MIDI clock.

When a media player is synchronized it starts and stops playing when the master transport starts and stops. Also synchronized media players track the current play position of the master.

To synchronize a media player, right click on it and choose one of the slave synchoronization modes:

* Off - not synchronized
* Master - makes this media player the master transport
* Slave Realtime
* Slave Master

The difference between realtime and musical is the playback speed/tempo of the synced media file.

* Realtime - the synced media file plays at it's native speed and depends on the slave and master both having the same tempo in order to stay in sync. eg: A metronome set to a particular tempo and an audio file recorded at the same tempo.
* Musical - here the target MIDI player ignores the tempo information in the MIDI file and instead tracks the master transport. eg: when a midi file is synced to the metronome, changing the tempo of the metronome will cause the midi file to play faster/slower.

The Musical sync mode only works with MIDI files. If selected for an audio file, musical syncing will be used when setting the start position for playback, but during play the audio file always plays at its native speed.

Hi Sven,

yes, you can change the tempo:


Pitch stays the same - good for practicing complicated runs at slower speeds…

Unfortunately, changing the tempo is only possible at percentages, not before - after BPM…



Thx, yeps I figured that out also. :slight_smile:
I tried setting tempo to 161 and tweak with the master slave setting, but that doesn’t work.

Would it be possible to link the playback speed to the tempo @brad ?
Maybe by some calculation of this percent?