Change from x86 to x64 (Cantabile)

Hi There,
is there a smooth way to migrate my x86 “setup” (Settings, Background-Rack, etc.) to x64?
Which Settings are simply by copy and paste (configuration files)?
THX :slightly_smiling:

Hi @Wurlitzer,

The biggest challenge in moving from x86 to x64 is getting all your plugins setup. Other than that you should be able to open all your song and rack files from x86 in x64.

Also, most settings should move over no problem:

  1. Start x86 Cantabile
  2. Go to Tools -> Open Settings Folder
  3. Close Cantabile
  4. Start x64 Cantabile
  5. Go to Tools -> Open Settings Folder.
  6. Backup this folder in case things don’t work as planned.
  7. Move everything from step 2 folder to step 5 folder.
  8. Start Cantabile
  9. Go to Options -> Plugin Options and update your VST path to point to your x64 plugins.
  10. Do a full plugin scan: Tools -> Scan Plugin Folders (Full)

If you don’t have every plugin you need in x64, you’ll need jBridge and then either move the required plugins from your x86 plugin folder to your x64 plugin folder, or add both folders to Cantabile’s plugin path.

Cantabile should choose x64 plugins in preference to x86 plugins if it finds both.

Another possible issue (though I’ve had very few reports of it) is plugins with incompatible FXB/FXP/SavedState between x86 an x64. In those cases you’ll probably have to delete the offending plugin and re-add it.


Hi guys, seems that jbridge chooses the old x86 plugin and embeds it above cantabile choosing the x64 plugin. How can I change this?

Any help here guys? @brad
How can I have C3 choose the X64 plugins before Jbridge?

Hi Sven,

Sorry for slow reply (was on the road all day yesterday but about to settle into a week of solid Cantabile development :slight_smile: ).

Anyway … Cantabile should pick the native platform plugin in preference to using jBridge. This was a fix that was introduced quite a while ago so I’d be surprised if you don’t have that in your build.

Probably the easiest way for me to check it out is this:

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. Load the plugin you’re having trouble with (so the jBridge instead of native one is getting loaded)
  3. From the Tools menu choose “Open Settings Folder”
  4. Close Cantabile

From the folder opened in step 3 send me the files log.txt, log-previous.txt, settings.json and plugins.json and I’ll check it out.


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Thx Brad,
I’ll send you the files.
I managed to get it working when i checked the x64 version as favorite and restart. But the next time it was all jbridge again.
I managed to find almost all the x64 versions so i decided to give it a go. Jbridge should only work for the x86 plugins now.
All plugins are in the same folder.

on x64, as you see it picks jbridge first (synth1 and xpand), although the x64 versions are there also.