Change a couple of setting in all States?

I have a song with 50 Song States in it. I just decided to add another Linked Rack to the Song, but in 49 of the Song States it is currently disabled.

Is there a way to enable it in all Song States without having to go through them all individually?

You can do this with states behavior…

go to song Level and switch Selected Rack State —> Off

(means in all songstates in this song this Rack shows the same Item)

The Item you choose now ist set automaticaly in all songstates (only in this song)

!!! But only if you have clicked the state once !!!

so you must click from 1 to 50 …

Then you can switch Back to Selected Rack State ON

Be carefull with this…(It is important to know how this option works)

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There is an easier way: enable your rack in one state, then go to state behavior, right-click “processing mode” and select “Update All States” - done!




Oh, I like it!

Thanks, guys.