Cc64 also sending NRPN?

So I am working on a setup that combines a hardware synth (Behringer Deepmind 12) with software instruments in Cantabile. I have a USB midi foot controller sending cc64, which works swimingly…except when I pipe that to the Deepmind, in addition to sustain, it also toggles the arpeggio hold function, which according to the manual is NRPN 1 31 161. Is there a way to block this from being sent from Cantabile? I’m assuming is some kind of weirdness coming from the foot controller (Line 6 FBV Express mkii) that Cantabile is just passing along. But honestly, I’m not entirely sure what’s happening.

Hey scheater5,

You could try a suppression filter on the foot pedal input route that only lets the CC64 pass. If you wanted other CC stuff to pass you can list them divided by commas. This example allows only CC64 to pass.


Have you tried putting a MIDI monitor on the route between your USB foot controller and the Deepmind to check out what is really happening?

First I would want to make sure if the source is the controller sending weird commands or the synth reacting strangely to a “normal” cc like cc64. Maybe it’s something in the Deepmind settings and the pedal is actually behaving like it should?

So add a MIDI monitor to the route via right-click and find out what’s happening…