CC1 isn't being received - Help!

Hi Guys,

I’ve been trying for ages with this one but I’ve finally given up… I’m using a Komplete Kontrol S61 MkII and I’m trying to send CC1 (Modulation) to Kontakt 7; it’s to control the Leslie Speaker.

As you can see the CC is being sent as shown in the MIDI Event Input, but isn’t showing on the MIDI Event Output. I’ve checked the MIDI Monitor Settings as well as the MIDI filter, I even unchecked Enable Filter.

Hopefully I’m just missing something really obvious.

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Hi George,

If Kontakt is receiving CC1 then the setup for your organ script in Kontakt is the issue. It shouldn’t necessarily show as an Event Output of CC1. What Kontakt library are you running?



Two things:

First: CC0 isn’t modulation, it is Bank Select MSB, so you’ll need to use CC 1 (as you correctly did).

Second: why should Kontakt send out the CC1 commands? If it is receiving the CC1, it is supposed to process that command, not send it to its MIDI output. So the question is: is Kontakt reacting correctly to the CC1 it is receiving or isn’t it? That’s the question of the Kontakt library you have loaded (as @dave_dore correctly noted) - is it doing something useful with the CC commands it receives or isn’t it. That’s typically something you set up within Kontakt.

So let us know what Kontakt instrument you have loaded and how it handles CC assignments.



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Torsten beat me to it. :slight_smile:

Also watch out for CC 32 which is bank select LSB

Hi guys,

Thanks for the speedy reply, you’re absolutely correct, I meant CC1.

To clarify, I have 3 boards connected to my laptop; a Roland A37, a Konplete Kontrol A61 and a Komplete Kontrol S61 MkII. I’m using them to control Kontakt 7 and HALion Sonic 7 as plugins in Cantabile.

For some reason CC1 is being transmitted from the S61 (according to the MIDI monitor on the MIDI Event Input), but is not be received at the MIDI Event Output. It’s like it’s been filtered out somehow?

I said I use CC1 to trigger the Leslie Effect, this is on the Vintage Organs Library where CC1 is the ‘default’ controller for this effect. For whatever reason, Kontakt doesn’t receive anything from the Mod wheel from this keyboard within Cantabile, also when I run Kontakt in Standalone everything works as it should.

I hope this helps clarify my issues.

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Again - the events to Kontakt aren’t supposed to be sent to the MIDI Event Output. That’s just not how it works. The event output would be relevant if Kontakt created its own MIDI events that are supposed to be received by another plugin - that’s typically what MIDI processing plugins do. So for the moment, ignore the MIDI Event output - it is definitely enough that the events are shown at the MIDI Input of the Kontakt plugin.

Look at this screenshot: I am controlling the Leslie speed of a Kontakt organ using CC1 (sent from the on-screen keyboard to the Kontakt plugin:

you see the events going into the Kontakt1 (MIDI In) port and nothing coming out of Kontakt 1(MIDI Out) - still the switching works without a problem.

REPEAT: CC1 events don’t need to come out of Kontakt’s MIDI output port for them to work. If the events are shown at Kontakt’s MIDI input, they are reaching the plugin

Now turning to your problem: please check the MIDI assignment page of your Kontakt library:

In my case, CC 1 is automatically assigned to the “R Speed” (Rotary Speed) parameter of the organ instrument, and the range is also covering 0 to 100%, so things work out of the box.

Can you check (and maybe share a screen shot) how MIDI automation is set up in your Kontakt instance?



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Hi Torsten,

OK I finally get what you mean about no MIDI information coming out of the plugin (unless it was generated within the plugin). TBH I was clutching at straws looking for a reason I couldn’t send CC1 (or Pitch Bend for that matter) to Kontakt when routing it as shown in my previous screenshot.

The thing that doesn’t make sense is that I ‘can’ still use the sustain pedal to start / stop the rotary effect, and there’s also a control strip that sends CC11 (Expression) which also works just fine.

As a test I just loaded up a different library (Retro Machines) and the Pitch Bend and Mod wheel still have no effect, Kontakt’s on-screen PB and Mod wheel don’t move either.

When I use the same keyboard to control HALion Sonic, or when using Cubase 13 as a host everything works as it should. I could always go back to using Cubase, but I’ve invested a lot of time getting to know Cantabile and I really like it!

I hope this is making some kind of sense, thanks for your patience and perseverance.

Kind regards,