CC to Note or Note to CC, Need help

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Hello everyone, I really hope that somebody can help

Situation: I use Cantabile v.2 with Icon G board controller (it’s an 8 footswitch controller which can send Notes or CC messages, toggle or trigger). Unfortunately, this controller has a bug - LED lights that indicate On or Off state of the footswitch work only in Note mode. I found this advice on Icon forum:

I discovered that the GBoard does indeed respond to incoming Note On Messages. The lights can be controlled with Note On 0 and 127 velocity messages (if I remember correctly, Note On with 0 velocity caused the light to turn off, and Note On with 127 velocity caused the light to turn on). What I did was use Bome’s Midi Translator that converted CC messages from the GBoard to Note On messages (either 0 or 127 velocity) that were sent back to the GBoard. That way, I could could control the lights.

I couldn’t find the “CC to Note” filter in Cantabile. “Only Note to CC”
The problem is that I want to use Icon controller with VST guitar plugin that only receives CC messages, so if I set it in Note mode the plugin doesn’t reply.
I have followed the above advice and tried to send the Note messages back to Icon controller and LED lights started to work, but my VST plugin doesn’t react when I press the footswitches.
Can somebody please help me to configure Cantablie so it would simultaneously:

  1. send the Note message back to the Icon controller after I press the footswitch (make LED to work)
  2. send CC message to VST plugin so it would turn on or off the guitar FX.

There are so many routings, I’m lost
Need your help guys

Thanks in advance

I don’t think you’re going to get this to work with Cantabile 2.

Cantabile 3 maybe but I’m not sure I understand the exact setup and requirements well enough to say for sure.


Welcome to the forum Kukuruzo.

I am checking on the Icon G board controller for information. It’s new to me. What VST plugins do you use?

Hi, thanks for the welcome

I’m using Helix Native VST and Overloud TH U.

I’ll try to explain again:
Both of the above mentioned VSTs accept CC messages, so you just turn On and Off different effects with it.

Icon G board has it’s own software where you specify which mode it will work: Note, CC, Program Change. (Trigger or Toggle)

If I select CC then everything works with VSTs, I can switch on or off effects without problems.
!BUT! Icon G board LED does not indicate whether the footswitch is on or off. This is a bug by Icon

I’ve found a solution: The lights can be controlled with Note On 0 and 127 velocity messages that are sent back to Icon G board
And here is the problem - if I’m in CC mode and control VST plugins how can I send Note ON 0 and 127 messages in order to make the LED work?

Basically I want to split and send 2 messages at 1 pressing of the footswitch like that
ICON - - - - CC - - - - - -> VST
. | .
. | .
Translate CC to Note --------> ICON G Board

Hope that it helps

Would a binding like this work (or maybe at least provide clue how to implement what you’re after):

Hello Brad,

Thank you for the reply. Is it possible to achieve this in Cantabile 2?
I don’t have version 3 unfortunately

Unfortunately not.