CC control to raise/lower volume in 3db increments?

I’m looking for a way to use 2 buttons on my FCB 1010 midi footpedal, one to lower the volume a little each time button 1 is pressed, another to raise it each time button 2 is pressed. Ideally it would be set increment, either 2db or 3db.
I’ve used the expression pedal method in a binding to the output slider, but it’s not very precise and it’s hard to return back to my “normal” level.

Is this possible? Thanks!

Hi Tom,

You can do it but need to use a linked rack with states to pull it off. Let me know if you need help building it up.



I do exactly that but with a couple of computer keys, though you can do the same thing with CC’s from your controller.

Here’s the bindings in my background rack:

And here’s how the +3dB and -3dB mappings are set up:

And one more binding to return the volume back to normal:

– Jimbo

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Yep, doing it in the BG rack worked perfectly. Thanks, guys! I decided to control the output gain itself, rather than just a port, since I have up to 8 outs on my interface, so I just determine which ports respond to the Master slider, in Options. Controlling the Output Gain means that the relative scaling values are different, I get a 2.2 db change with relative scaling of 6, which is perfect.

Even though I painstakingly set all my levels, I’m in one of those bands where someone always seems to turn it up, even though they swear they didn’t! So this is the perfect solution.

-6 +6

Thanks for the tip Jimbo!

It helped me finish an idea I was stuck on & wondering how to finish.