CC Change to CC Value

I have an ICON iControl unit that I am trying to use to control VB3. It has buttons / sliders / knobs that can be assigned to different CCs. I am trying to use three of the buttons to “select” the three chorus (I / II / III) values, but the buttons only send on off. I have mapped the three as CC 85, 86, and 87 on the ICON, and now I’d like to remap them in Cantabile to CC 73 as shown:

CC85 > CC73 / Value 40
CC86 > CC73 / Value 80
CC87 > CC73 / Value 120

or something similar.
Is this possible?



Hey Rick,

that’s where you use the Controller (Button) binding - try this:

You’ll have to use the right Source and Target ports of course, I just used Main Keyboard and an embedded rack called “Hammond”, but you get the idea…




Ahhhhh! I was looking in the Route Filters.

Thanks. I’ll give this a shot when I get home.