Catabile not recognizing Pure Synth Vst

Hi group,

I was wondering if anyone had problems with Cantabile recognizing any of there plug-ins? I have had a problem with Pure Synth from Gospel Musician which is hosted in UVI’s player. Thanks for any help you can provide…


Hi Ed

Did you load UVI into Canabile? You will have to load it first, then pull up your synth from within UVI.
UVI is what will be recognized in Cantabile. Hope this helps.



Hey Corky,

Thanks for responding, but i do have UVI host loaded (actually running Ravenscroft 275 piano through it) but i “see” it but when i click on it in the Uvi player like i would with Ravenscroft nothing happens…

Some of the plugs I have in UVI have to be double clicked, which brings up another sub folder on the right, and sometimes more subs beyond that. Not saying that is what is happening, just a point of info. If I have ever had something happen in UVI, I download, and install newest UVI. If that doesn’t do it, then reload your synth. I have several programs for UVI, but I do not use them (exception B5) just because the whole iLok/UVI think is not always stable. I have lost my license during a gig/rehearsals and the only way to correct it is to reboot. UGH ! That’s why I always have a replacement ready at song level in case B5 fails, which has nothing to do with your problem. All I am saying is that UVI/iLok can go haywire for no reason, usually reboot will correct it.


Got it, double clicked and got to the sample folder. The only thing i see that’s different is that the Ravenscroft has a .uhf suffex and the Pure Synth doesnt. Did i mention that it doesnt pull up in the uvi player either but no problem in Ableton 9…

If you can, post a screenshot of UVI with all sub folders expanded. Like I said, you may have to reload it. I have no experience with that particular synth, but I will look it up and see if there is a particular way of setting it up. Like in Kontakt, 2nd & 3rd parties involved in developing are not associated with the host developers, and make it difficult to get things running.

Yeah, you might be right. Just have to contact the maker to get a download link…

What is beyond the 4 synth samples…anything?

It looks like a rar type compressed file set that has not been unzipped. All UVI workstaion libraries have .ufs extension and are a single file.

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Kinda what I was thinking

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I was looking at that as well…i found the original files and will try to re install it…

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