Cantibile crash following re-connecting midi interface

Hi, I had a interesting crash which was difficult to recover from. I had to move the USB port to which a MIDI interface was connected,

  1. Before starting Cantabile was started I had to reconnect a MIDI interface in to a different USB port
  2. Cantabile started up correctly
  3. From Tools -> Options -> MIDI ports, All MIDI Ports appreared correct
  4. Selecting the MIDI interface and clicking Edit revealed that the Assignment was now showing as missing (expected following re-pluging)
  5. Re-assigned to the new MIDI interface assinment and clicked OK
  6. Clicked OK to the MIdi ports Options dialogue resulted in a crash.

Restarting Cantabile and repeated the steps 2 to 6 resulted in a repeat of the crash. The only way I could recover from this was to delete the MIDI port from Tools -> Options -> MIDIPorts and re-adding as if it was a new port. Unfortunately I had to go though ALL 50 + songs to re-assign the MIDI port within each song. This toook a while.

Hope you can find time to have a look at this, my rig changes fairly often, the ability to re-assign the actual MIDI interface with the Cantabile MIDI interface is extreamly useful