Cantable #4064: sound & midi stop working after switching song

Hi - I’m pretty new to Cantable & I decided to try Cantabile Solo tho I don’t mind paying for a subscription if this works well - even tho I may only ever need it for simple live playing (I have a protools set up for recording that works awesome).

Setup is Windows 10 (kept up to date), 32gig RAM, Cantabile x64, version 4.0 #4064. This issue spans multiple builds, as I got the latest Cantabile because it was doing this.

Anyhow, with Cantable, I’m currently only using Omnisphere + SpectraSonic’s Keyboards as my sound sources and have a few omnisphere setups that I use, such as piano + strings together, rhodes + a pad together, etc. I’ve set these up as 3 or 4 different Cantabile “songs” that I want to be able to switch between for live playing, but the midi and sound stop working when I switch songs. What I mean is that I open Cantabile, play a song without issue, stop playing, choose “Open Song” & pick a different song and start trying to play but it no longer recognizes I’m pressing notes (simple midi events are not being recognized) at all and there is no sound. At this point, if I close Cantabile and reopen - it starts working again and is now set to the “song” setup that I chose from the Open Song menu.

I realize I’m using Cantabile in a very simplistic manor. & maybe so simplistic that I’m not approaching things correctly, so I’m open for some correction. But on the flip side, this really seems like a bad show-stopping bug that is happening here (literally as I have to “stop the show” and restart Cantabile to move to the next “song”). Because I’m a new user I’m being blocked from uploading 2 of the songs as examples. Never-the-less, I cant use the software if I can’t resolve this. Thank you for your response and help!

Hi Chris and Welcome to the Forum!

The condition you describe is how the software works regarding changing from one song file to another. A search of the forum should show some related discussions regarding this issue. The workaround a great many have used is to have a single Cantabile Song file with multiple song states in it which do not cut out MIDI notes or VST audio between song state changes. In this appraoch each song state becomes either a new song or a part a song sequence with more complex sound changes. This way you can have held notes or CC64 sustains felt over the change to a new state and still have new sounds ready for when you start playing new notes again. I hope this helps explain it and I hope you find something that works for your music, it’s what it’s all about. :slight_smile: