Cantabile's Plugin Snapshot kills Cherry global midi assigns

Cherry Audio’s plugins use a midi assignment protocol which allows for the preset to recall a setup, or for the assignments to be applied globally, unless overridden by the preset. In such cases, both assignments remain visible in the midi pane, but only the preset data is employed if it conflicts. (At least, I think that’s what it does.)
I have a stackload of global assignments and was surprised to see them evaporate when Cantabile’s snapshots are used. Fortunately, recalling the plugin from a previous save in Vienna Ensemble restored the data and the next time the plugin was instantiated in Cantabile, all was good.
It appears that Cantabile is obliterating the preferences for these plugins. There is a setting in all Cherry plugins which I have enabled and that should prevent this kind of thing.
Any thoughts?
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Cheers compadres!

A solution was found in Corky’s Organ Tips and Tricks mega thread. And it’s @dave_dore again!
** Many thanks to Dave Dore’ for an explanation on how to import the snapshot presets below:**

Set your plugins preset model to Entire Plugin Snapshots. This ensures that all the automatable parameters plus any unlisted setup parameters are stored in the snapshot

Make sure you are set to the correct preset model and Import the preset into whatever preset slot you want by selecting the preset slot first and then doing the import when you receive it from another user

Something you need to watch out for is that the Cherry librarian has the last selected patch still selected. If you go to resave a patch after having imported to a snapshot slot it is highly likely you’ll be out of sync. If you want to copy and paste the names of the patches back into the snapshot list, it makes good housekeeping sense to operate as follows.

  1. Export the ‘template’ patch which has the midi assignments - even global, coz they will get wiped out as described in the first post - and import that back into all the slots you will require.
  2. Select a snapshot and choose the required patch from the plugin librarian. This will assist in naming in later steps.
  3. Import the saved export to the required slot and select the patch again, as it will have been overwritten by the import. In the case of Cherry Audio synths, the previous selection will still be highlighted. Just select the patch again.
  4. In order to sync the names into the snapshot list, go as if to save it back into the librarian so that you can copy the name of the patch.
  5. Rename the snapshot by pasting in the clipboard.

You should be good to go!
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Thanks for this :slight_smile: I was trying to figure this out for my self you found the answer.
It fixed one plugin and not another, it seems one of my plugins wont behave itself.

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