Cantabile won't find Blue3 version number


Hmm, something interesting for @brad: GG Audio Blue3 seems to contain a full and valid version number (, but Cantabile can’t seem to find it - always reports version to be empty. Even after a full rescan, no change.

Is there some special workaround code in Cantabile around Blue3 that prevents it from finding the version? Or is there something special about Blue3.dll? Looks ordinary to me in Windows Explorer.




Same happens with Klanghelm SDRR - strange…


Hey @Torsten,

Just looked at this for Blue and it seems it’s returning dwFileVersion as 1.2, but Cantabile is looking at the dwProductVersion which for Blue is 0.0 - so Cantabile ignores it.

I’ve put in a fix to look at product version first and then if not found, fall back to file version.

This will be in the next build and will require a full scan to pick up the changes.