Cantabile with Yamaha MOXF8

Hi there,

I need some helpful advice for using my MOXF with Cantabile 3 Performer.
With the MOXF “local-off”: how can I use the loopback-function (or something else) to play, control, trigger and change the internal sounds of the MOXF via Cantabile?

In other words: with MOXF local-off I want to adress different Racks in Cantabile depending on the track and MIDI-Chanel or split zone I use and play on the MOXF and vice versa.

Thank you for your friendly answer and kind regards from Cologne


Hey Christoph,

no need to use loopbacks - these are simply MIDI ports that allow Cantabile to “talk to itself” i.e. if you want to use the output from a rack or a media player to enter cantabile as if it were coming from e.g. “main keyboard”.

There are two different things you are addressing in your post as I understand it:

  1. play the MOXF sounds via Cantabile with “local off”
  2. address different racks depending on the channel and split zone on your MOXF

let’s get the first out one of the way:

  • I assume you have your MOXF connected to your Cantabile machine with two MIDI cables (MOXF Out to computer IN, plus computer Out to MOXF IN).
  • Let’s assume this MIDI port is called “my MIDI interface” and assigned to “Main keyboard” in the MIDI inputs settings.
  • Now create a new MIDI Output port in MIDI settings and call it “My MOXF”. Assign “my MIDI Interface” to it. Now you have a way to send MIDI messages from Cantabile to your MOXF.
  • You can now route your MIDI input (that you are getting from your MOXF via the “Main keyboard”) back to your MOXF whilst transposing or otherwise mangling it on the way. You can also trigger sounds on your MOXF e.g. by sending the MIDI output of a media player to the MIDI port “My MOXF”

Now to the second one (routing MOXF MIDI input to different racks depending on track / MIDI channel / split zone):

  • you can theoretically do that with the route settings to your racks
  • I assume that your different tracks and split zones send data on different MIDI channels - correct?
  • Then you simply edit the MIDI settings for the route from “Main keyboard” to your rack and in “Source Channels” only select the channels you want to pass to your rack. In “Target Channel”, I would select “1” so that all your racks get addressed at channel 1 - makes things simpler, unless you have sophisticated multi-sound-racks going on…

But, to be honest, I would encourage you to simply set your MOXF to send the whole keyboard as one zone and all controllers on ONE MIDI channel with no zones or tracks and do all your zone assignments in Cantabile.

Makes things so much easier and more manageable to keep the whole configuration in one place - and Cantabile is so super-powerful when it comes to managing routing, splitting and controller assignment!

Give it a try - after some time you won’t look back!

Cheers from the “other city”,



Hi @CologneKeys

I responded to your email about this same question just now (perhaps I should repost answer here so everyone can see it) Anyway, let me know if you still have questions.


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So you have to use the midi output to Cantabile and can’t use the USB from the moxF to play a sound from Cantabile from the moxF .I am trying to use the moxF as a midi controller to play my VST’s in Cantabile ?