Cantabile with surface go2 (or 3)

Hi, I am looking for a live rig and the Surface looks like it should do the trick. I really just want a very simple setup - guitar into Focusrite 4i4 into Surface then Cantabile and back out to powered monitors
Within Cantabile I would not be doing anything tricky, just plug through a tuner, then BlueCat re-guitar, and destructor and then into plugins ranging from simple delays to something like crusherX if it could handle that. But as long as I can use the BlueCat plugins and a delay like Eventide Octavox and other bits and pieces it should be fine.
Does that sound do-able?
I see others had little success with the Surface Pro4 but that is a whle ago and I have seen someone on the net say they needed to have turbo turned off (counter intuitively )
Getting a tiny PC and a touchscreen is not an option, this really needs to be a very lightweight all in one rig as the Surface will also be used much more often for going on field recording trips where it is ideal for looking after file management and basic editing/book-keeping

I just looked at the Surface Go specs. What you’ve described is actually a fairly heavy VST load. If it needs to be a compact tablet format perhaps a Lenovo X12 Detachable with an i7 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD - I think they go for about $1200

thanks for that suggestion but in my country that comes out to twice the price, which is much more than I can afford. It may just be that what I want for the price point is not available

I have Cantabile on a Dell 1100 2 in 1. It’s a 4th Generation Intel Core i3-4010U 1.7Ghz with 8TB and 1TB SSD. I could try the BC Re-guitar and destructor into Octavox (just requested the 30 day trial). These specs are probably similar to the Surface Go 2. I’ll let you know if it can handle it.

wow thanks, that is incredibly kind of you

The processor is almost the same it appears:

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I played around with Re-Guitar and Destructor already so all I have to do is add the Octavox which I’ve been meaning to look at

Octavox is really neat, I use it quite a bit. As always with Eventide, wait for a sale at pluginboutique or similar - Black Friday is not that far away anyway

Hi Greg,

I finally had time tonight to test Re-Guitar into Octavox. Just tuning up it was like Pat Metheny was in the room :grinning:

The load was minimal - a Surface Go 2 will run it.

I loaded up Destructor but didn’t really know what to do with it in the above scenario.

For Re-Guitar I ran my strat into it choosing input single coil and translated that to a jumbo acoustic guitar and sent that out to Octavox. Right now I’m on the third preset

Octavox is on my sale watch list.

thanks Doug much appreciated. Black Friday sales it will be I think, and they just updated to Surface GO 3 which is even more attractive