Cantabile with Bandhelper

Hello community, and happy new year 2024, I use cantabile performer, and recently “Bandhelper” to read my “PDFs”, I can select a song in cantabile, select a song in “bandhelper” by creating a ’ bindings on load…", but I can’t do the opposite, in short, I press on a song in bandhelper, and that, selects a song in cantabile, is this possible to your opinion, or am I wasting my time, thank you in advance, and sorry for my English.


It will depend on what Bandhelper does when you select a song. Does it send any MIDI messages like a program change?

If so then you can set up a Cantabile binding to respond to that program change and select a song.

If you have those song select bindings in a common Linked Rack and include that in all your Cantabile Songs in a Set then that will do the job for you.

For example, take a look at my Using the Line 6 Helix with Cantabile and the Creating the Helix Linked Rack chapter starting on Page 7, Instead of my Helix, your Bandlehper is the source.

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Thank you very much for this method, I didn’t know what the “linked rack” was for, now I know, I was able to trigger the songs from “bandhelper”, I will now dig around to improve, the combination “cantabile and bandhelper” is fantastic, thank you, I will come back to you for more information.

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Happy to help.

You can also put bindings like this in the Background Rack, but they will then be global across every song/setlist in Cantabile. I prefer a linked rack approach for different setlists for different projects.

In general linked racks are useful when you want to share configurations against different songs, so common bindings is just one example.

Another example is if you have a particular VST you use all the time, drop in a linked rack and include across all songs that need it.

For example if you required a VST across 10 songs and put the VST directly in each song, then you have ten copies of the VST. Put that VST in a linked rack and included the linked rack in the 10 songs and you only have one copy of the VST loaded.

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Thank you really derek, it’s really fascinating to understand how to use cantabile, this software is sometimes difficult, but always satisfactory, and never crashes, reassuring for live, and the community is great, I will continue my implementation between cantabile and bandhelper, but the understanding of “embedded rack and linked rack” is essential, thank you for opening my eyes

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No problem. Due to its flexibility, Cantabile does have a steep learning curve and can take time to master, but it always delivers what I need!