Cantabile video course


Due to the lockdown an annual live performance charity I participate in was converted into a streaming event and video editing for our band fell in my lap. In the past from time to time I have edited video for business purposes such as helping a client make product install videos. Mostly just assembling footage, some basic fades and voice over. This time I finally took a Udemy course and got somewhat up to speed.

If any of the monster power users here would be kind enought to show us their advanced Cantabile chops in a screencast with voice over and put it up on Google Drive I would be happy to edit it into a YouTube tutorial video they can upload.

I’m thinking about this because recently I completed some video courses on software I own and it was really helpful. Right now my Cantabile chops are an assemblage of point solutions. I haven’t abstracted things to racks etc.


OK, I’ll make the video all by myself - :grinning: - time to buckle down and sort it all out


That’s one of the projects on my backlog - I’ve prepared some topics for a walkthrough of my setup, some specific use of bindings, specialty racks, hardware abstraction etc. and their use in specific songs, but haven’t yet found the time to sit down and do the actual screencast capture. Once I do, I’ll definitely share the result here!

I don’t think I’ll need help with putting together the final video (I am reasonably proficient with DaVinci Resolve), but thanx for offering!




Hi Torsten,

I’m really looking forward to your walkthrough video. I think it will help many others beside myself to take our Cantabile setup to the next level.