Cantabile versus in instrument patch load?

Come to notice that there are two ways of loading a patch set up in Cantabile.

I read that the Cantabile patch load was the better option but also learned that there’s an issue with my Keyscape piano plugin as it frequently crashes if I make on the fly changes whilst active in Cantabile.

Can anyone explain the difference between using the Host instruments patch selector and the Patch I save as a Cantabile select?

I came across this with the Wavestate Native plug-in on my last laptop when it ran in Cantabile and I tried to edit a sound. I found the workaround was to run Wavestate Native as a standalone to make my adjustments, save it in my own WS library. Then it would run within Cantabile without a problem. I have since upgraded my laptop as I was running the last one right to the limit of processor power, and had also run out of hard drive space. These might have neem a factor, I don’t know, as I haven’t had a problem since then, but neither have I done “on the fly” changes!

I am in the great position that the music I play allows me to set all my sounds and songs in advance, and I don’t need to modify them during the song. I am going to venture try Bindings / Learn CC to see if that will allow modifications I might need sometime in the future, but I won’t be going into any sound editing whilst “live”.