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Hi Cantabile folks. A while ago I started creating a private wiki to centralize all the valuable information from (sometimes hard to find) forum posts, the blog and the manual. And I added my personal notes. The wiki is a javascript app I developed myself. Now both, the app and the content, reached a degree of maturity that I dare to share it with you. However, the content still has many gaps and it’s a little outdated (6 months since I used Cantabile).
If the wiki is going to be considered as useful by the community, I would invest some time in polishing the content. If it’s considered as redundant to existing information sources, I would take it off the web.
So here’s the link:


I do the same thing for myself, when I see a discussion or “Cantabile Tip” here on the forum I might use, I copy and paste it into a page in OneNote. In that OneNote Notebook along with my own notes I keep a list of goals of things I want to implement in Cantabile. Mostly it’s so I can organize the tips by category

Wow. That’s amazing! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with it…

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@dsteinschneider: I also started off with OneNote, but I dislike very much being forced to use the Microsoft cloud for my content. So I decided to develop my own wiki app - which is actually a (minimalistic) OneNote clone. Maybe you could share your content so I could merge it to my wiki - or you could just e-mail some parts to

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@brad: Thanks, I feel honoured. For me, the most important thing would be to avoid misinformation at any time - so if you’d identify inaccurate or obsolete statements I would be thankful for a hint. Currently I’m correcting the sections concerning transport, due to the new features that came with the recent builds.

This is a great idea, derVodi. I know I would use it, and would be happy to post some content to it.

I just published an update containing the section “Participating”. There is documented how one could make suggestions / add content.


I just saw the how to participate post - will get on that.

is this wiki still actualised?

Yes, feel free to make any suggestions here in this forum.