CANTABILE the ultimate GAS Therapy!

I don’t know if people are familiar with Playpm’s YouTube channel?
Where he shows how to avoid the dreaded “gear acquisition syndrome”.

I feel that Cantabile really helps with gear envy as we can do so much with the software.

Every time I see the latest synth news, I just need to fire up Cantabile and be amazed at what I can do!

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instead of collecting hardware it’s shifted focus to VSTAS :upside_down_face:
I am still finding things on cantabile that amaze me. Catabile has replaced
or superceded my idea of buying a roland fantom g for the auto record feature it had.
fantom g was limited to 45 seconds. what I had saved for the fantom went on vst’s
instead :smiley:


Being able to trigger midi sequences via the media player is another game changer!


I haven’t bought any synth hardware since switching to Cantabile & using VSTs live, my Nord 6D & Yamaha MODX 6 never get to see the light of day. Now a year down the track, I think it’s time to sell.

Cantabile is the best ever! I have even shown up at multi band events with a PC laptop (gasp!) for VSTi’s, when everyone else was using Mainstage (barf!). The other keyboardists would say, “Yeah, how many crashes have you gone through with that thing [pc laptop].” To which I respond, “Since 2014…none. Thankfully, with ten times the processing power of your over priced MacBook Pro.” My VSTiAS went through a major phase when I got O2, Trilian and Keyscape to add to my B3-X. Since then, I have ditched all other VSTi’s. Sure, over $1,000 in VSTi’s, but I haven’t even scratched the surface of these products, and I am content.

I went through GAS and VSTiAS, nevertheless!


Most of the VSTs I’m using are free with the exception of Arturia Pigments!

I’m preparing a live set for my first performance.
I think at most I would need a backup computer as a fallback