Cantabile Solo - Utility and Other Racks Minus States and Performer-Specific Bindings

Here in this topic, I will list Utility Racks and other racks that work in the Solo version of Cantabile.

A few of Dave Dore’s racks work fine right out of the box in Solo (well, two of them do anyway). I will look over some of his and a few of my own to perhaps re-imagine them to work within the boundaries of the Solo version.

Filter-activators come to mind, using specially named MIDI Output ports to select which filter (or not) you want to use. This one demonstrates the principle. Add or remove outputs by right-clicking the rack name and selecting “Rack MIDI Ports” from the top of the list. To use it, just send the hardware output to the rack, then send the desired MIDI from the various MIDI Outs now available to you out to the instrument or effect you want to control. Imminently stackable!

Controllers Yes-No.cantabileRack (34.1 KB)

A far more ambitious take on this idea (that works in Solo!) is from Dave Dore - his MIDI Multiplexer/Demultiplexer works along similar lines, and is handy for testing your filtrations!

MIDI CC Demultiplexer.cantabileRack (247.3 KB)

MIDI CC Multiplexer.cantabileRack (218.9 KB)

Read about that here:

More to come as I think up some new uses that work within the boundaries of Solo’s skill-set. But this should get a few Solo users started.

Here is the recent webinar that discusses this new Cantabile Solo focused section. :slight_smile:



Pad Notes (Ch 10) Latch To Program Changes

This is an evolution of a solution shared during the webinars that instead of using a controller switch to move through the desired program changes, it instead uses often unused pad notes. These often are found coming in on Channel 10, so this rack is set to expect notes coming in on Channel 10 also. It outputs the program changes on Channel 1.

Every time you hit the desired note, it moves to the next program in the list. You can easily have different notes sending different sets of program changes to different instruments.

It is important to change the behavior of your preset lists by clicking on the presets, click “Change” at the bottom, then change the drop-down at the bottom from “Forward to the Plugin” (the default) to instead sending it to “Switch Presets” if that is what you want to do.

My pads on the MPK249 start at B1 at the bottom left. I went for a full octave, but of course you can copy and alter these to suite your needs.

Add MIDI inputs by right-clicking the rack and selecting “Rack MIDI Ports”.

Alter the filters by changing the various items in the chain - MIDI port (in two places), Note, and the list of program changes you desire (in any order, separated by commas).

Here is version one of this:

Pad Notes (Ch 10) Latch To Program Changes.cantabileRack (39.4 KB)



Good morning,
using only, to change instruments, how can I program cantabile so that it changes instrument only after the keys are released.
Thank you

Please ask that a a new topic in the forum rather than as a comment to an existing post and more people will see it. I do not know that answer off the top of my head.


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