Cantabile & Roland RD 88 Stage Piano

Hi there,

The new Roland RD88 integrates with Mainstage via USB.

Is there anyway I can take advantage of this with Cantabile?

Sure I can use it via midi as a controller, but is there any way that Cantabile can have a closer integration with USB audio and message back to RD88 to have patch info displayed on Piano Screen etc ? That would be really useful.


I guess it depends from MIDI implementation, “sysex” to be more detailed.
With some controllers users here were able to send a sysex message from Cantabile to the controller and set display, LEDs or whatever.
In some cases this was not possible at all: for example it was nearly impossible to drive also some custom buttons (as transport things in Native Instruments Kontrol S line).
If the controller does not map (or explain in a document) how to drive its resources via MIDI, then path is closed, or maybe not known (which means no success anyway).
The only way is to read the manual fully, and try to understand MIDI implementation, not an easy task…

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