Cantabile (Probably) Has It

This is another of those unabashed Cantabile love stories … skip it if you’re tired of Cantabile testimonials …

If you need it, want it, or even if you don’t know about it … Cantabile probably has it.

I learned this (yet again) today, after 1,153 days of consistent Cantabile use. I had developed a system of creating sections in my set lists. Do-nothing songs in the /Placeholder subdir of my /Songs directory simply to mark separations in set lists. Then I stumbled on … Set List Breaks. I’ll be cleaning up my set lists for a while …

Your Search Engine of Choice is great for locating Cantabile documentation across the official manuals, blogs by Brad, and posts on this forum. “Cantabile” followed by Whatever you Want or Need will usually get you there.

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I was doing the same!! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

thanks for the hint!!


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