Cantabile Performer 3 Crash

Crap - Cantabile keeps crashing. I have a ‘music only’ W10 laptop and have already removed the autostart and background programs available to me, but the threat is not over.- I also cannot currently identify a trigger or specific VST that is causing the crash. It’s not fun to experience with 2 crashes in the middle of the gig. Does anyone have a “crash avoidance” checklist?

Buenas tardes, me ha venido pasando lo mismo. tengo una interface maya usb44+ y no solo se cierra, sino además no logro iniciar C3, tengo q ir a configurar tarjeta de audio y aceptar, entonces abre. Ya mande los datos a Brad a ver que puede ser.

My first thoughts on 2 crashes during a gig is that it isn’t at all normal.

Also I’m leaning towards it being a plugin dll issue.

I can think of a troubleshooting checklist:

  1. Let’s start by listing the VST’s active when the crash occurs.
  2. Which VST’s were you actively playing?
  3. Has the machine done anything else odd besides crashing while gigging with Cantabile?
  4. Was the same Cantabile system stable previously? I know our C3/C4 systems are an ever changing target but it’s worth asking the question.
  5. What is the status of Windows 10 updates? - if it’s asking to restart (orange dot in system tray) I see a fair amount of odd behavior.
  6. You could run a system stress test such as the free version of OCCT
  7. Does the venue have clean power - are you using a surge protector?
  8. What is the make/model of the laptop (or nuc/mini ITX etc)?
  9. Have you looked at the log.txt in C:\users%username%\appdata\local\topten software\Cantabile 4.0?

Things can get mixed up with Cantabile. I recently set a laptop (while doing other tasks) for a student and somehow installed the 32 bit C4 and was stumped why some of the VSTs were missing. That system was acting oddly.

Thank you very much! That’s a great list to start with. Meanwhile I found out via eventviewer that an ESENT Error occured and lead to the crash …
-1023 (0xfffffc01)
I have to find out tonight what exactly that means … it’s a Windows fault I assume …

Without researching that I can tell you that the TILEREPOSITORY is part of the Windows 10 menu system and I’ve seen machines where it’s corrupted. EDB is a database they use in Windows that I believe stands for ESENT DataBase.

So it probably is the Windows OS is somehow corrupted. I ended up using the Windows 10 reset option in the past when I’ve run into problems with the start menu being corrupted.

EDIT - the TileDataLayer folder was apparently replaced with the TileLayer Folder according to this page:

Is your version of Windows 10 fairly old - like between 17XX and 19XX?

EDIT 2: I usually (backup first!) download the Windows Media Creation Tool, use it to make a USB stick - boot from that and reinstall the machine without “keeping” anything.

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Thank you very much for your help - I’m actually a Windows 10 fan, but things like this always make me a bit annoyed … although I don’t know if Mac users really have it much better :slight_smile:
In the meantime, I think I should generally leave it with the Windows updates, once I have a stable system and do not use the computer to access the Internet.
Setting up a Windows system with at least 80 VSTs and DAW is really no fun and takes a lot of time.

I also prefer Windows over MacOS. When a Mac needs troubleshooting it’s worse than Windows. Back in the early days of Windows 10 I did fix a machine that had the menu issue with the TileDataLayer folder issue. I vaguely remember copying that folder from a new Windows 10 install.

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I managed to stop windows updates on my two live machines years ago. Both run very reliable - I hope it will stay this way. If one day Cantabile needs to have a newer windows I’ll have a problem though.

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Windows reinstall “without keeping anything” is the best way to cleanup and fix errors and corrupted image (the infamous Windows SxS).
But this is a drastic solution, which requires lots of work to reinstall all, the best performing configuration and so on.

Before doing that may be worth try the “reinstall keeping apps and data” (and, if luck, your settings). I tried it when Windows Update fails, works well.

The procedure is the same that Doug explained above.

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