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I have a problem with a VST (Kontakt). I will need an initialization step when loading the song so that it loads an “on init” KSP script.
But I think Cantabile doesn’t really load it, but wakes it up, which doesn’t start an initialization step.
I have to apply the script manually.

Also, there is no (to my knowledge) VST parameter that would allow this script to be executed by triggering.

Is there a way to get around this?

I forgot, I’m on Cantabile Solo

Hi Hargan,

Welcome to the forum.

You should be able to make a binding that reacts on “Song - On load”, have you tried that? Or is it when that specific VST is loaded? And I am not sure how to invoke a KSP script from within Cantabile, I have never really used Kontakt or Native instruments, so I will not be able to really assist on that, sorry.

Hi @Hargan, and welcome.

I’m using Performer. I have a Kontakt instance in a Rack and I can create a Binding which triggers on Song Load. The Binding can target Kontakt and within Kontakt it can set 511 different parameters. That is, Kontakt exposes 511 controls to Cantabile. Some of the 511 controls show up with readable labels. I’m using Session Horns Pro, so I can see things the scripts expose such as Threshold, Pan, Swing, etc. I think this will work for your custom script.

With Performer, you would create a Song List, place Kontakt in a Rack, and all of Kontakt’s samples would be loaded once when the Set List was loaded. After that, they would be shared across songs–no need to stop and load samples. Then, with an “On Song Load” binding, that would fire when the song was loaded and send control values to the script using the name the script exposes.

Does that help?


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Thanks to both of you!

So yes, I had seen and even tested the “performer” license in trial version. Unfortunately, I only have the solo which does not allow a “Song - On load” bind.

Obviously, the solution for me, would be to change my license, or to create a bind on controller, but I find it a bit complicated for the keyboardist, who will have to think to press button at each song change.

Anyway, thanks to both of you!