Cantabile MIDI thru routing

Everyone has probably tried this, but some interesting MIDI routing:

  1. MIDI input > MIDI out to another device like a keyboard or iPad. Basically using Cantabile as a MIDI thru box.

  2. Sending a single MIDI input to multiple destinations…here’s a few examples one signal goes to Windows VST synth, second signal goes to MIDI out to another device like an iPad. Nice for layering sounds or switching between instruments during the same performance.

  3. You can also send the MIDI signal to a VST synth in Cantabile and send the same signal to an effects plugin where the MIDI control modulates different parameters. In this scenario, the audio signal from the synth is going through the effects plugin. I’m doing that all the time where MIDI CC:02 is controlling a filter plugin to modulate the original synth.

Regarding 3, you could even use the same control to modulate the filter of the actual synth and then the control modulates the effect plugin in a similar or different way. That can be really interesting. I have an ODSAY patch where breath modulates the ODSAY frequency, but it also modulates the frequency and saturation of a second filter plugin in Cantabile. It’s very effective.

I guess the point of all this, in the virtual world you can come up with all kinds of ideas. Sometimes they don’t work out. Sometimes you accidentally stumble on things that are amazing.

One thing I noticed sending MIDI from input to output of the same interface (MIDI thru patch to my iPad), sometimes I’m getting stuck notes and other weirdness. Usually happens after a while. I have enough redundancy with my workflow, I can do a lot of the same stuff on laptop or iPad. So it’s just a matter of plugging into one or the other.