Cantabile macOS First Run

So this just happened… first ever run of Cantabile on macOS!

Lots of problems to fix, but also lots of moving pieces are finally starting to come together!


Too cool @brad !! It was worth the wait, the overall prospects for facilitating live music making on both platforms is going up!


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Now I can justify buying that computer I can’t afford yet . . . .

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Mac . . . .
(For the SW. I’m not really a HW guy)


Wow! I’m not a Mac user any more, but it’s good for everyone if this floats!


Congrats. Whilst I don’t use my Mac for music, I can do a test of Cantabile on OSX when you are ready

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Bye bye Mainstage :smile:


go go go @brad!

the folks at Audio Modelling are getting in the cross platform plugin hosting game too:

they’ll launch before you but it doesn’t look like they’ve got a fraction of your features.

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Update: I’ve been busy fixing bugs and large sections of the UI are starting to come online. I can pretty much run up Cantabile, interact with most of the UI and shutdown with no major problems and just a couple of quirks (that I know of).

Goal for this week is to get the UI as solid as possible and everything packaged into an app bundle, leaving primarily just the audio engine.


Macs can all fall into the sun in a bright fireball of overpriced underpowered style as far as I’m concerned, but for those that use the things- congratulations :smiley: :smiley:


That Camelot thing looks verrrry rudimentary. Nothing can, or will ever, beat Cantabile!

Oh, dear. Hope Brad isn’t wasting his time! :wink:

I know Macs are a little more expensive, but (IMO) they are much more pleasant to use than PCs. I’ve had my Mac since 2011. A memory upgrade gave it a new lease of life last year, and it is probably good for another 5 years, so will be a decade old at least before I replace it (I probably would have needed three or four PCs in that timespan! That is value for money, and 1% of the hassle factor of PCs, saving me shit loads of grief And time, so a bargain!

I do of course use both, as I think I would sooner gig with a cheaper PC (esp one buried in a rack that nobody can see), but my main computer is a Mac, and its style (just a monitor, no beige lump, no fans) sits quite nicely in my living room!

Each to his own of course! :slight_smile:

I love a good pc/mac debate but let’s not get into here - that’s a battle that no-one ever wins.

There are pros and cons to both and depending who you are, your wallet and your needs you’ll tend to favour one over the other. Neither is right, neither is wrong - they’re just different and that’s ok.

From the point of view of Cantabile as a business I see it as an essential part of it’s long term viability but something that needs to be balanced against continued support and development of the Windows version and its current users (which is why it’s taken so long).


I I was just having a laugh, sorry :smiley: I think it’s very wise to do a Mac port, they deserve it. And it’s good business sense. It drives me nuts when cool things are only available for one platform- and it’s not mine :wink:


I’ll behave, sir :slight_smile:

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My contribution to the debate would be to suggest watching some of Louis Rossmann’s highly entertaining Macbook repair videos.
He’s a really nice chap, totally into sharing the technical information he’s learnt over the years. His videos of surface mount soldering under microscope are strangely compelling and his stories and anecdotes highly entertaining.


A quick sneak peek at the ongoing work to port Cantabile to macOS showing the entire UI now functional and mostly bug free.


I’m not an apple person myself but I’m really impressed with your progress, Brad! I’m sure this Mac version will give an enormous boost to Cantabile.

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I use my Windows 10 machine as my main production computer but when I travel I use a 2013 MacBook Pro. I too am so excited about Cantabile coming to MacOS as the MacBook is a very solid road computer. Using MainStage has worked but it really seems to take up so many resources and the MIDI Controller mapping can really get tedious.
I look forward to continued progress and can’t wait to try it out.

Louis is amazing indeed. it is so enjoyable to watch him fix things after the Apple Store “genius” said the user just needed to buy a new computer.

Hi Brad,

I would be happy to be a beta tester for you. Just let me know if I can be if help and when you are ready.



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