Cantabile Lite crashing on startup

Hello! I’m new here, so I don’t know much about the software. I set up Cantabile Lite four days ago and set it up to start automatically. Unfortunately, it crashes every time i turn on my pc. I don’t know if maybe I set something up wrong. I can only send one attachment as a new user so here is the end of the log-previous.txt file.

To me, with what minimal knowledge I have, it seems like the program can’t shut down properly when I turn off my PC without directly closing Cantabile. Is there a solution to this? (also how do i send the log file directly)


Hi Bradley … welcome to the group! And sorry it has to be under “crash” circumstances.

It looks like the log file is being truncated. By default, logs entries are not written to disk until a cache buffer is filled, which causes truncation. Here’s a recipe to fix this:

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. Go to Tools -> Options -> Diagnostics
  3. Turn on Log File Write Through
  4. Close Options

After that, you should be able to get a more complete log …

A further step would be to manually capture the crash. This is described on this page:

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Thanks for putting up with this speed bump!

One thing you could do is go to options/plugin options
and unchecked ‘rescan plugin folders on startup’.
exit and restart cantabile (not the PC)

do a full scan first time round, then as you install new plugins as you go
do a quick recan manually after that.

It is possible that cantabile is crashing on startup because of this.
Also, if you have cantabile auto loading on system startup, windows hasn’t
finished loading when the desktop first shows, it’s still loading things in the background
and then trying to start up cantabile and re-scan plugins and load a song file at the same time as well. It’s a possibility.
Something else you could try is ASIO4ALL driver (if not already). Sometime oem drivers
can cause system crashes on startup as well.

Thank you for the fast response! After checking out what you said and enabling the diagnostic tool, I also managed to find a way to not have that crash popup show up. This is not a solution, but it did do something. I just disabled “check for clean shutdown,” which was on by default. Now when i start my pc Cantabile loads up properly-ish. Buuut i have robot audio now which is well yeah… A competely new problem. Even after restarting the program the audio is still uh crappy so to say. I tried bypassing the plugins but that didnt help. But back to the original problem. It seems like unless i close Cantabile directly it cant do a “clean shutdown”. Here are all the ends of the log files (the ends of them), do excuse the incredible quality.

At this point, we might need the assistance of @brad to carry this further. The work you have done so far, Bradley, may well help him diagnose this crash-on-shutdown issue.

However, he is in the process of releasing a major upgrade, and is fielding the first bugs in that upgrade, so he may be a bit busy … He will probably ask you to forward the crash image files …

Hi Bradley,

Usually when windows shut’s down Cantabile will get a notification and try to close itself. However if you’ve got Cantabile configured to prompt to save changes, this might block Cantabile from closing cleanly and eventually Windows will just kill it and you’ll get a crash recovery prompt when you next start it.

There’s a couple of ways to work around this.

  1. Turn off the options to prompt to save changes in Options → General (ie: change these from Prompt to Yes or No, depending whether you want changes saved or discarded).

  2. Turn of the option that checks for clean shutdown in Options → Diagnostics. This will prevent the prompt on restarting.


  3. Run Cantabile with the /headless command line option which basically does the above for you.

Let me know if this helps. (and sorry for the slow reply, been busy :slight_smile: )