Cantabile Lite and Korg VST

Hi everyone, I started to use Cantabile Lite with Korg virtual synths. Some of them show the correct list of presets (such as M1 and Wavestation) while some others (Triton and Triton Extreme) do not show the names of the presets. I tried to change the preset model but no one works.
Can anybody help me to fix this?


Hi squonk and Welcome to the Community!

The reason they don’t appear is because the vendor (Korg) doesn’t make them available for Cantabile to list. In your case some of their plugins do but others don’t). When they don’t you can make Cantabile snapshot presets using the “Entire Plugin Snapshots” model choice but you have to name and build the preset list yourself. If the vendor does supply the names Cantabile automatically chooses the preset model to show them (Use Plugin’s Program’s). I hope this explains it for you.




Thanks for your quick answer, Dave! Cantabile stores the names of the presets in an editable file? If so, it would be easier to build the list

Best regards!

Hi squonk,

Unfortunately no. An explanation of how to do it as follows.

open the plugin gui for editing, notice the hamburger menu on the right

take note of the preset name in the plugin GUI’s preset names and click on the menu I showed and select rename

enter the name you noted and click OK


now the name is in the preset slot with the proper settings

select the next empty preset slot and then select another preset from the plugin GUI

repeat the rename procedure and the snapshot slot

optionally you can lock each snapshot preset you make here to prevent overwriting

The Parameter Sets type of preset management is the same procedure to build but the presets are usually smaller in size and store only the prominent settings that the plugin provides to Cantabile.

Sorry for all the pics but it is hard to explain for me otherwise. I hope it makes sense.



Great job! Thanks Dave!!

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