Cantabile lite 2072 save new in Hive, open in DAW preset not there,problem

Saved the preset, it’s not there when open Hive in Daw.

Hi Joel,

Not really following this - can you clarify exactly what you’re doing and what’s failing.


It’s the Hive synth. So I get a preset and set it in the plugin. I use the randomize, so then I want to save that setting, let’s say in the plugin synth, it does show as saved. I close out the Cantabile, then open the Hive synth in Ableton. That new preset that I made with cantibile, is not in the synth.

I’m not familiar with Hive off hand - it it supposed to automatically share is presets across instances? Most plugins don’t do this.

To move the bank from one instance to another you typically need to export the bank as an FXB and then re-import it in the other plugin instance.


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I see what you mean. I will try the export the bank instead. I don’t think I was doing that step, I was just seeing it appear in the preset, screan, then assumed it was saved. I’m sure that the export will work. Thanks Brad.