Cantabile is running flat. How do I correct the pitch?

This morning, I opened up Pianoteq in standalone mode. I didn’t realize I still had Cantabile open. when I hit a note - ouch!
I rebooted both programs. No help. Rebooted the computer. Still nothing.
So I checked the pitch of middle C against an external source. Pianoteq was right on the money. Cantabile was not quite a half step flat.
Since I don’t usually play both PIanoteq in standalone and Cantabile simultaneously, I don’t know how long Cantabile has been off. But I’d like to fix it, and couldn’t find any settings that would allow me to do this. Curiously, Pianoteq does have such a “diapason” slider, but, as I said, Pianoteq is still in tune.
Also, I have multiple piano plugins loaded into Cantabile, and they are all off to the exact same degree, so the only thing that makes sense is that something in Cantabile is setting all the plugs off the same way.
How do I fix this?

Hi, it might be a difference in the sample rate of the audio interface between the programs.

Have you checked to ensure that both Cantabile and your other program are using the audio interface set to the same sample rate?

Wow! Thanks, Derek! That was it. I wasn’t aware that the sample rate would change the pitch.I thought it just related to the amount of information being processed. But this pitch change makes it seem like adjusting the speed on a tape recorder.

Strange, though. Cantabile was running at 44 and PIanoteq was running at 48, yet Cantabile, processing fewer samples, was the one that was flat. If sample rate affected pitch, I’d have thought it would have been the other way around.

Works just like frequency- because it is. Lower rate = lower pitch.


Glad that was it and a simple fix. If you think about it, it’s how samplers work. Sample something at a frequency and to play different notes using the same sample, you change the sample rate. Clock the sample faster and you have a raised pitch. Clock it lower and you have a lower pitch.

Beware that sometimes Windows will screw the sample rate of the sound card, or it does with me. Not often and only after an update. So if ever the pitch does not sound right or playback sounds “metallic” always check that the rate is correct.