Cantabile in the orchestra pit

Clean and simple Cantabile rig in the orch pit
I’ve been using Cantabile since early C2. Its absolutely rock steady. This gig has me throwing more at it than ever: a zillion instances of Kontakt, various other plugins, audio and midi triggers, all in pre-loaded setlists. Transitions from song to song are as quick as state changes, and nothing ever glitches, on a mid-level Lenovo laptop.

See attached image of slick setup with touch-screen lenovo, at eye level on standard manhasset. Clean, and simple, no rickety-and-cheap, or robust-and-expensive keyboard-stand-mounted laptop stands, and a touch friendly UI ready to poke at if nec.

Not a lot of software out there that just gives you warm fuzzies when you fire it up, but C3 falls into that category.


Hey Chris,

Just getting my mind around that many changes and tones in a show would be daunting, so hats off to your setup and skills and Thank You for the picture link!


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Yeah, it was a SOB to program, just in terms of complexity and length of the show (2 1/2 hrs of music, and Im playing over 30 different samples and sounds, sometimes changing sounds every few bars), but C3 made it fairly straightforward. Especially LINKED STATES and RACKS! I just noticed the linked states feature when I started to dig into this job. First rule of almost any programming task: “don’t repeat yourself”.

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Nice looking rig! I have to admit, I’m slightly surprised with all that tech going on you’re using sheet music and not some kind of pad/prompter system… then again, sometimes the old ways are the best!

HA! I know… I use an ipad for 95% of my other gigs. But at 265 pages, there were so many notes to make on the actual part, that pencil was just way easier than drawing with my finger or a stylus in Onsong, or Setlist Maker. Also, you get to see up to two pages at once instead of 1 max on the ipad. Had the gig gone on longer than 2 weeks, though, I’d have converted.

Also, the MD frankenstein’ed K1, 2 and 3 together into one part with around 32 bars of rest, total, and I never received the pdf for it haha

That is REALLY terrific! Yes, you had the right tool for the job, alright! :slight_smile:


Nice setup Chris and great report. It’s wonderful when things just work!
I couldn’t help but notice the interesting way the fourth quaver (Eb) in bar five on the page on the left is drawn on its own.