Cantabile in combination with Behringer X32

in my band I would like to use cantabile as vocal support. Does anyone have experience with it? From Waves there is the tool Super Rack Performer. Can cantabile be used in a similar way?
Regards Bernd

Waves SuperRack is basically a plugin host like Cantabile is.

Big difference, is that it can only run Waves plugins. From older v6 to latest, according to their support page.

With Cantabile you can use any brand of VST and VSTi you want, which is a big plus.

So, a short answer might be: if you only need to use Waves products, SuperRack is fine. Otherwise, it’s not. This also applies to the X32 SuperRack package.

My 2 €cents.

Note that Cantabile can be used to control the X32 with SyxEx commands over MIDI 5-Pin DIN. For instance, when a song is loaded in Cantabile, Cantabile could control something as big as loading and entire X32 scene or as small as the changing the time delay on FX3 stereo delay. This method is complicated, but if you don’t have someone “running the board” is can be useful.

The Waves DN32-WSG I/O Card can be installed in the X32, but it only interfaces outboard Waves plugins in Soundgrid. Cantabile is not involved.

Thanx for your anderes, I‘ll try to use my Ozone VST‘s within a separate instance of cantabile. My instruments are working with a separate Audio Interface Focusrite, so I can use the the x32 as a second Interface. I‘ll report of it‘s work.