Cantabile in 2017

Hey All,

I’m currently planning for Cantabile in 2017 and instead of just adding feature after feature I also want to refine what’s already there.

So, I’d like to put this out to the community…

What’s the single most painful thing about working with Cantabile?

  • what’s the one annoying thing you have to do over and over?
  • what one little tweak would simplify your use of the software?
  • what one major feature is missing for you?
  • where do you think things are too complex?
  • is there something that would let you simplify your setups?
  • you get the idea…

You might like to browse the Trello board for ideas but really I’d prefer you just think about the way you use the software and what would mean most for you.

In order to not sway each others opinions, please email me directly and later I’ll post any common threads back here for further discussion.

Email me: with the subject line Cantabile in 2017.

Thanks everyone.