Cantabile has simplified my setup and made it much more flexibe

I’ve only recently committed to Cantabile to manage all my keyboard sounds rather than using a combination of internal keyboard sounds along with a few VSTs in Cantabile. Now I’m fully committed to an all-midi setup. My Kurzweil PC3 has a new owner. It’s been replaced by a 15 pound Novell Impulse 61, along with the Casio PX-5 I’ve been using for the past year. I am STOKED about how incredibly powerful Cantabile is as a host and set list manager. I still have much much more to learn! Yes, there is a learning curve, but with great tech support, it’s been a pretty smooth ride. Thanks Brad!

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Thanks Lee, glad you’re enjoying Cantabile!

Hopefully the learning curve can be eased… I plan to put together some walk-through style video guides which should help. Also, I think this forum will become a useful resource for new users over time.

Videos YES!

I think the forum is a great idea, and has been much needed as a discussion platform for C v3. I’ve posted on the KVR Top Ten forum, but it’s used infrequently and all the posts there are about version 2.